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   “Freedom Paragliding” was founded back in 1993 by Dionisis Vlasopoulos. At that time, paragliding as a sport was not developed in Greece and only a few people had experienced it. Our school, located at the historic area of Plataea (a place of great historic significance), was the first one in Greece that managed to evolve the sport and disseminate its knowledge to enthusiastic students and professional paraglider pilots. Together with our flight instructors, we are proud of the achievements of our school’s “Freedom Team” that participated in paragliding competitions and gained lots of champions setting new records for the professionals of the area after 25 years of xp.


   Training: Trained in central Europe’s best paragliding schools and passionate for the sport, our flight instructors have a lot of years of flying experience and are certified by the Hellenic Aeronautical Association. Paragliding courses are being conducted based on european standards while at the same time our instructors are introducing training methods such as SIV, XC, Acro and conduct raising seminars as well for the paraglider - athletes. At our courses you will first learn (as a beginner) how to take-off and land and then you will experience your first solo flight. After a couple of training days and depending on the weather conditions, you will start to enjoy your solo flights and finally discover the exciting sense of freedom that paragliding offers.

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Last modified on 22 Jul 2017