What is paragliding?

One can fill many pages trying to describe it. In a few words, it is looking for personal relaxation and freedom, away from harsh everyday life.

It is a safe flying device which transports you to a whole different world; an unseen world that invites you to explore it and fly like a bird. It is a simple and practical way to meet man’s primal desire to fly, as evidenced by the myth of Daedalus and Icarus. The forces of nature, however, command respect, if one wants to avoid Icarus’ fate.
At that very moment your feet leave the ground and you take off, a different world unfolds right before your eyes. A world full of magic and beauty. A peaceful, unknown world dominated by extraordinary senses. Our aim is to explore and discover this world.
When you are flying up in the sky you realise just how fragile and small you are compared to the forces of nature. At the same time you feel fortunate being part of the whole experience. Such an environment is conducive to discovering and developing different aspects of yourself; getting to know a new reality, away from everyday problems.
This hidden, chaotic and attractive world in the sky holds unseen risks for those who are not accustomed to it and even more so for those who do not respect it. Over the years we have come to know all the safe paths and the secrets of this fascinating world. We have come to recognise when the sky opens up and welcomes our presence and when it prefers to be left alone. Throughout the course, we try to impart all the knowledge required to take this journey without jeopardising your safety. It takes time and respect for the grandeur of nature to conquer the sky.
Many people’s first impression is that the paraglider is a flying device that allows you to go high up in the sky, travel far away or perform acrobatics. These are not as important as the philosophical aspect of doing something that grants you freedom. In the journey of life, it is worth remembering that at least once in your lifetime you found yourselves UP THERE. There, where you felt your senses change, during your first flight; where you went against your instinct, as if you knew this unique environment already; where you touched the air and wondered about things that had never crossed your mind.
We are the only generation in the entire human history who are lucky enough to be able to fly so easily and safely. Let’s enjoy it.

What is paragliding?
Freedom SIV 2018