The School

Freedom was founded in 1993 by Dionysis Vlassopoulos. At the time, paragliding was still in its infancy in Greece. After having travelled and received training in central Europe, where paragliding is quite developed and organised, we decided to take the next step. We founded a paragliding school in Greece, based on European standards.

The whole atmosphere in the field of paragliding at the time compelled us to be creative and grow.

Paragliding gave people the opportunity to fulfil the primal dream of flying. Never again in the entire history of the human race did another generation have this chance. We were lucky to embark on a journey of search and growth. Although we started all this out of a reckless passion to fly, young ignorance soon gave way to knowledge and responsibility. We established different training methods in Greece, such as SIV, XC, Acro, Competition seminars, training levels. Most importantly, training and pilot development is spread over time and not shrunk into five- or ten-day packages. We have established technical and quality testing for the equipment used for training based on European standards.

In the past, competitions were key to helping pilots grow. We created the Freedom Team and in the following years our athletes won 12 championships and countless cups. These athletes are now great trainers and continue to help paragliding grow.

All this made Freedom a point of reference when it comes to paragliding in Greece. When we started out, we did not know how far we would go. Now that we are in our third consecutive decade in operation, we feel the mutual respect of time and duty.

Over time we became one of the best paragliding schools in Greece, earning everyone’s respect. This is also shown by the dozens of world champions and personalities who have visited Freedom either to teach or simply to fly with us.
We carry on with the same passion, with more experience, knowledge and wisdom.